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Love & Sex Q&A #5

Love & Sex5

Would you feel unfaithful if you had frequent sexual daydreams about someone other than your partner?  If your partner were having such fantasies, would you want to know about it?  Why?

I wouldn’t feel unfaithful so long as it was someone who I knew I would never actually be with sexually.  Back when I was working in retail and living with Bobblehead Nerd, I had sexual daydreams about a couple of my very attractive regular customers.  That didn’t mean I was going to follow through and act on those daydreams.  They were just that, daydreams.

I think many of us have sexual daydreams about celebrities and other famous people who we find attractive.  Hell, I’ve posted pictures of Tom Welling and others that I would put a hurtin’ on anytime, but it’s very unlikely that I’ll ever get the chance to do so.

If I said I had a problem with my partner doing the same things then I’d be a hypocrite.  Actually I don’t have a problem with my partner having sexual fantasies, so long as they don’t follow through on them.  As far as wanting to know about it…I don’t think I’d want to know.  I like feeling like I’m the only one that my guy thinks about even if I know that I’m not.

Happy humping!