Archive | August 31, 2011

So mad I could spit, or scream, or something very out of character for me.

I thought that I finally would get to have a nice quiet relaxing weekend away from my sister and nephew, but it was not meant to be.  I had plans to go visit EB on Friday night and then go to church Sunday morning to have a few words with the new “pastor.”  I had to go to town anyway to pick up my medicine that I had been out of for over a month.  It’s never pretty when I’m off my hormones.  I start getting moody and having hot flashes which border on anxiety attacks. So I promised myself that no matter what I would get my medicine this week, even if it meant not eating for a few days.

So after stopping by the pharmacy Friday evening, I went to EB’s house.  I took my medicine as soon as I got there and thought everything was going to be fine and it was for a while.  For some reason when I’ve been off my hormones for a long time and then start back up on them, I tend to have even worse hot flashes and mood swings.  Don’t worry, you’ll understand more as you read on.

Friday night I was a little tipsy, among other things, and definitely horny.  We had some good sex and I thought all was well again in my little world.

On Saturday we got up and he cooked breakfast, we watched some movies, and talked.  Well, as usual he did most of the talking, but that was ok.  Later we decided to go have dinner at the new chinese buffet.  It’s a really huge one with lots of great stuff.  Anyway, when we were almost done eating I started to feel a massive hot flash coming on.  It was one of those clammy cold sweat ones that makes me dizzy and I just wanted to get outside for some air.  I told EB this, however he wanted to show me something on the sushi part of the buffet.  Even though I told him I needed air he Continue reading