Adventures in Moving – Part 4 (Fin)

You can find Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here.

If you’ve kept up with my never-ending moving, then you will be glad to read that it’s finally over.  Here’s a breakdown of the last few days of moving hell.

On Saturday my sister & I made a couple of trips to get more stuff out of the trailer.  I didn’t get much done because I was on the phone with AT&T tech support off and on for about three hours that day.  The phone was finally turned on that day and then I tried hooking up the DSL.  It wasn’t connecting to the internet so I had to call them back about that.  Finally around 8:00 pm I got it working.  Praise Jesus!

The plan for Sunday was for Perv to help us move the washer and dryer, but of course he never showed up.  We ended up having to load them onto the horse trailer, by ourselves, in the rain, with Little Bubba in his car seat in the front seat of the truck yelling “Let’s go!”  Thank God for hand trucks.  He did show up later that evening to help unload them and hook them up in the laundry room.

Monday was another long day of babysitting my nephew and moving more stuff.  After moving horses around, my sister and her old man took his truck and went and got the rest of the furniture.  That was another drama that I forgot to mention.  My sister and her friend Horse Whisperer got into an argument about something to do with a horse and a tractor that the Preacher had sold HW.  This resulted in my sister having to move all of her horses to other places.  They still aren’t speaking.

Yesterday was a blur of chasing Little Bubba around, getting another load of stuff from the trailer, going with sis to feed her horses and then going to the grocery store for frozen pizza because we were both too tired to even think about cooking.

Today was the last day of moving.  We somehow managed to get everything out of the trailer and get it cleaned up.  We even brought Puppy, the dumbest dog in the world, to the new house.  Thankfully she’s an outside dog.  My car is still loaded with crap from yesterday’s move, but I’ll unload it tomorrow before Little Bubba and I head to my parents’ old house.  The folks are coming into town to take care of a few things and Little Bubba really wants to see them and my little brother.  We’ll be spending the night and then hopefully I’ll be back home on Friday. 🙂

So overall it was the worst, most unorganized, longest, most stressful move I’ve ever had, and I’ve moved more times than I can even remember.  This is the first time moving with my sister and nephew in tow though.  No more moving for me for a very long time.

Happy humping & sweet dreams!

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