Archive | August 6, 2011

Moving on up! Praise the Lord!

We got the house!  Yay!  Yesterday we actually accomplished something.  Yesterday morning Little Bubba and I took an hour ride into town to cash a check.  He slept all the way there and all through the stop at the bank.  It wasn’t until after I stopped to grab us some lunch at Chik-fil-A that he woke up.  He wasn’t interested in eating his chicken nuggets, but he did find the sound of his own screaming to be entertaining.  It wasn’t screaming out of pain or discomfort.  He was just screaming for the fun of it and to try to drive me insane.  Yet another reason I’m happy not having kids of my own.

As soon as we got back home my sister called and said that we were taking the house that she found for rent, and she needed me to come immediately and meet her with the money.  So I loaded Little Bubba back up in the car and we went and met her and took the money and signed the lease.  My sister had already seen the place, but I had only seen the outside of it on Google maps.  It didn’t look that great from the outside, but I figured it had to be better than the place we’re in now.  Once we got the keys we drove over to take a look and turn on the air conditioning so that it would be nice & cool for when we start moving in.  I was pleasantly surprised by how it looks inside.  It’s kind of small, but at least it’s clean and there aren’t any leaks.  The place we’re in now has a major leak in the central A/C unit and it’s flooded her room and the kitchen.  Her carpet is soaked, the kitchen floor has bowed up, and there are tiny gnats everywhere because of all the water.  It’s disgusting.  That’s our main reason for being in such a rush to get out of here.

I’m not looking forward to packing up everything, but I sure will be glad to have a decent place to live in again.  When we were leaving the house to come back here my sister said something about it being smaller than she wanted.  All I could say was “Praise you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!  No more bugs!”  LOL  Oh, and thanks to the Preacher for making it all possible. Love ya daddy!

I’ll be without internet for the next week or so until we get our DSL installed.  I’ll be back writing as soon as it’s on though. 🙂

So until next time, happy humping!