Love & Sex Q&A #103

Love & Sex103

What is the longest lovemaking experience you’ve ever had?

Hmmm…  This may take a while.  I’ve had several good ones that lasted a long time.  Probably the longest that I ever had though was one that lasted three days.  Of course it wasn’t non-stop sex the entire three days, but it did consist mostly of lying in bed the entire time either sleeping, having sex, or talking.  The only time that we got up was to eat, shower and use the bathroom.

As far as the actual longest, that would probably have to be two hours tops.  Anything longer than that and I would either be severely dehydrated or unconscious from exhaustion.

Happy humping & me love you long time!

5 thoughts on “Love & Sex Q&A #103

  1. I am not saying one word.for fear of incriminating myself….let us just say..I have had my moments………………….

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