Love & Sex Q&A #102

Love & Sex102

If you were exposed to a poison that permanently blocked your ability to experience orgasm yet in no way altered your sensory feelings, how do you think it would change your sex life?  What if your partner were exposed to this chemical rather than you?

Does a poison like that even exist?  Dear baby Jesus I hope not!  Can you say FRUSTRATION?  That would frustrate me to the point where I probably wouldn’t want to have sex at all.  Having an orgasm may not be the only reason for having sex, but it sure as hell makes it worth having it.  I have had sex before when I didn’t orgasm and I always felt extremely unsatisfied afterwards.  The way I see it, it’s just not fair for the man to be the only one to orgasm.

I’m also a strong believer in multiple orgasms.  That’s one of the beautiful things about being a woman.  We can have so many more orgasms than men can during a round of sex.

If my partner was the one that lost his ability to orgasm, then that would be just as bad.  Even though it would be out of our control due to the poison, I would feel like I wasn’t satisfying him properly.  It would be great for me physically, but awful for both of us mentally and emotionally.

Of course I had to Google this to see if there really were any poisons out there that could do this.  I didn’t find any.  Praise Jesus!

Happy humping!

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