I came, I Googled, I conquered.

I Googled “preacher’s daughter” and found myself.

This could be good, but it could also be bad.  Anyone who knows me probably knows that I’m a preacher’s daughter and that I write a blog.  Anyone smart enough to put two and two together can find my blog if they try hard enough.

I don’t like being outed.  By outed I don’t only mean someone telling the world my real identity.  I also mean that I don’t want people that I know being nosey and going looking for it when I’ve asked them not to.  The whole point of keeping my blog anonymous is so that I can speak my mind freely without fear of retribution or judgement.  I especially don’t like being lied to about whether someone has read it.  How do I know I’ve been lied to?  Well, let’s just say that it’s not that hard to find out.

Even if the person searching for my blog believes that they are doing so with good intentions, such as getting to know me better, it still irritates me.  If you want to get to know me in real life, then just take the time to do so.  You can’t really get to know someone in a day or week or even a month.  Even then, there are some things that I like to keep to myself.  I know that putting my thoughts out here on the internet for the world to see is not exactly the best way to keep things private, but I believe it’s acceptable as long as I do my best to keep it completely anonymous.  That’s exactly what I have done since I started writing online.

I suppose curiosity is the main problem here.  Some people have a harder time than others avoiding the temptation of searching things out.  This is a problem that I also have sometimes, but if someone asks me not to do something, I try my damndest to do as they wish.

I’m done venting now. 🙂

Good night & happy humping!

2 thoughts on “I came, I Googled, I conquered.

  1. Well said little flower”

    I did the same with misswhiplash.. not only did I get loads about me, but all the other misswhiplashes too. Some with their black rubber and whips!! Oh to be mistaken for one of them!.
    However you only have to google your real name and it comes up somewhere with the address and phone number..not really what I would want.

    but this is what modern technology does..it takes away your privacy ( as has been seen lately in the UK with the phone hacking and now something they call gagging.
    where will it ever end?

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