Love & Sex Q&A #100

Love & Sex100

Could you fall in love with someone  you weren’t attracted to sexually?

Could there be a more perfect question for me? 😉  I could fall in love with someone who I wasn’t sexually attracted to, but in the long run it would cause problems.  For me to be in a committed relationship I need to be sexually attracted to the person.  Love just isn’t enough.  I have however fallen in love with a person that I was not initially sexually attracted to, but over time the emotional love caused the physical attraction to grow.  It still wasn’t enough to keep me interested in the relationship though.

Maybe I’m shallow for wanting a good-looking lover that I’m sexually attracted to, but I just don’t think I could spend an entire lifetime with someone who I didn’t want to kiss or have sex with on a regular basis.  It would leave me feeling unsatisfied and probably cause me to cheat in order to fulfill those physical and sexual needs.

Happy humping!

5 thoughts on “Love & Sex Q&A #100

  1. Well, that is an honest opinion!

    To a certain point I will agree with you, but does he have to be ‘good looking’.
    My husband is not the greatest looking guy in the world, and at one time sex was ok ( not good) but as a husband he could not be any better. he is loyal, he is faithful , he is easy to get on with, does lots of things to help around the house, puts up with me.
    What more would I ask for?

  2. What’s that old saying, “Women become attracted to the men they love, men fall in love with the women they’re attracted to.” A little simplisitic but I think there’s some truth to it. A man won’t even consider dating a woman he doesn’t find attractive. A woman might give a less-than-attractive guy a chance if he’s funny, charming, whatever.

  3. Could you fall in love with someone you weren’t attracted to sexually?

    My answer? ABSOLUTELY YES!

    I guess I’m the only girl who could be like this! I don’t know why. I like good looking guys and of course, I prefer to be in a relationship with a handsome being. But it isn’t because of the sexual attraction.

    I don’t know. I’m weird right? Maybe because I wanted some kind of pure love. The love that exists even without sex.

    And I even preferred that kind of relationship. A real love relationship, real commitment, and no sex. Haha. Maybe, I’m an angel in my past life. 🙂

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