Breaking Point

I hate men!  Maybe that’s a bit too strong of a statement.  Men drive me crazy, and not always in a good way!  That’s better.

Every single freaking time I think things are going good, men have to go and do something stupid to screw it all up.  I spent my birthday Sunday with my family and everyone at church that morning, then went to see EB that afternoon.  We had a great time, he gave me a beautiful present, and we had lots more great sex.  However, when I got home today and talked to him on the phone I mentioned a text that I had received from someone and he completely freaked out on me!  Why dear Lord?  Why do men have to freak out over the stupidest shit?

I’m trying to look at everything a bit more logically this time.  I’ve already noticed some red flags popping up here and there and I know I shouldn’t ignore them.  I also think that I’ve finally reached my breaking point as far as men and relationships are concerned.  I just don’t think I can take any more.

The first red flag with EB was when I told him about my bi-racial little brother and he went off on a rant about how races shouldn’t mix and before long everyone will be brown.  That really pissed me off and I told him that I was not racist at all and had absolutely no problem with bi-racial couples, children, or anything else like that.  I’ve dated many different races of men and I believe that love knows no color.

The second red flag was when I noticed that he has the attention span of a squirrel on crystal meth.  He changes topics mid conversation, forgets things that I’ve told him more than once, and he tends to cut me off a lot when I’m trying to talk.  This just makes me think that he either doesn’t care about what I have to say or he really does have ADD or something and just can’t focus at all.

The third red flag was when we were having sex.  I had previously told him that I was not interested in anal.  I’m sure many of my regular readers know already that it’s just not my thing.  There’s no going there, ever.  So we’re in bed and he has me in the doggy position and starts to go in the back door!  I told him to stop and he did.  Then he said, “well it’s gonna hurt at first.”  Duh, Einstein!  I know it’s going to hurt and that’s why I don’t like it!  He then proceeds to try it again even harder.  I actually had to tell him twice to please stop because he was hurting me.  That right there almost ended our brief relationship.

At this point, after EB’s freak out earlier on the phone, I’m not sure what’s up with him.  I had to get off the phone so my sister could use it and I haven’t called him back yet.  I don’t even want to call him back.  The last thing that I need is a over-bearing controlling man.  I suppose I’ll be returning the only birthday gift that I received this year.

Note to self:  If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

9 thoughts on “Breaking Point

  1. A red flag, no matter how large or small is a sign that this is not the one. Especially when he’s attacking someone within your inner circle. And no always means NO. My dear one, you are learning about your boundaries. Read my page on Boundaries and personal Power, and you will know just what is yours and what is his.

  2. Those red flags don’t really seem like personality quirks… but serious problems that will lead to a long, long shit storm.

    IMO, the brief pain and grief of cutting this guy off is an entire world better than the hell he is about to put you through.

  3. Your readers know you well my dear. Take note of what mybrightspot and Christopher have said . They are both on the ball.
    I don’t ever believe that you would give up men forever,although anything is possible. Seems to me that you just pick the wrong ones. You need a man who firstly respects you, not one that wants to jump into bed every five minutes.
    Yes Good sex is important in a relationship but you need to get the basics right first.

    Of course you could become a Nun !!!!

  4. EB had better watch himself before trying anything like that again!
    If you say no, it means no. I get that he wants to try different things with you, but being inconsiderate and sneaking in through the backdoor won’t help.

    As for his comment on racial mixing, that’s ignorant. EB either has ADD or just likes the sound of his voice.

    Look hun, I respect you, so I’m not going tot tell you how to live your life (since I have my own issues), but you might want to step away from EB for a moment and weigh the options with this guy. You can’t keep ignoring the red flags.

    Oh and Happy Belated Birthday love!
    Take care.

  5. Don’t blame this all on me. People as a rule are crazy, regardless of sex. I’ve experienced the jealousy over text messages myself, it’s completely illogical. If someone an ex or whoever sends you a message how is that your fault? Assuming you aren’t encouraging it, or responding in kind, of course. Jealousy and insecurity is such a turn off, not to mention childish and aggravating.

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