Really? More rules? This is tough.

I have a date!  Yes, me.  🙂  So far I’m sticking to my rules too!  He contacted me first, so that takes care of rule #5 (If using an online dating service, do not contact men first.)  The date is set for Tuesday.  That takes care of rule #3 (The first date has to be planned at least two days in advance.)  I still have to get his last name (rule #4).  As far as rules 1 and 2, well, we will just have to see how well my self-control holds up.  He’s very cute, funny and seems like he has some common sense.  I’m hoping he doesn’t turn out to be a dud.  We’ve talked already so I think he’s going to be cool.  Hmm, I think I’m having deja vu.  Didn’t I say that about Manwhore, Skaterboi, Bobblehead Nerd, and so many others when I first met them? Oh, well.  Gotta take a chance.

I can already tell you that rules 1 and 2 are going to be the most difficult to follow.  That’s mainly because he lives about 45 minutes away and that leaves an opening for an excuse for one of us not to drive all the way home if it gets late.  I thought about putting a rule about date curfew, but I really don’t think I could follow that one, ever.

I’m thinking I should add a rule about not drinking and driving.  If I do that though, then it will be even easier to use the excuse to break rule #2 (No going to the guy’s house on the first date.)  So maybe rule #7 should be no drinking at all while on the date.

Happy humping!

Awesome song:

5 thoughts on “Really? More rules? This is tough.

  1. Gotta have rules to keep you in game. Loved the song to! and I agree with Redneck Princess No drinking sounds like a good idea! Hope your date goes well, fingers crossed!

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