Love & Sex Q&A #97

Love & Sex97

How much energy do you put into sex and romance when you are first getting to know someone, and how much do you put in after you are involved in a long-term relationship?  Does your enjoyment of sex and romance depend more upon how much energy you devote to it, or upon how long you’ve known someone?

Now this is my kind of question.  When I am first starting out in a relationship I do put a lot of energy into sex and romance because I want to make sure that my partner knows that I enjoy sex and that I believe that it should be fun and not just a chore.  Once I’m in a long-term relationship I probably put even more energy into it because I hate for sex to become boring or tedious.  I like to change things up every now & then to keep it fresh.  I also try not to give away all my secrets right away so that I have some little surprises to give my partner as time goes by.  Things like lingerie and toys and new positions are all great ways to keep sex interesting.  Don’t be afraid to do some research and to try new things.

I believe that my enjoyment of sex and romance depends more upon both the amount of energy devoted to it and how well I know my partner.  The longer I’m with someone, the more I should know about how to turn them on and give them pleasure.  Sex is a learning experience and that is part of the reason I love it so much.

3 thoughts on “Love & Sex Q&A #97

  1. I am the same way. When in the beginning stages of a relationship, I put in SOME energy and hold out a little to save somethings for later in the relationship. With my boyfriend currently the sex has been getting better as we begin to bond on many different levels.

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