29 days until I turn 37

Today marks the 29th day before I turn 37.  As I move closer to 37 my mind wanders.  What are the things that I love and hate the most about myself?  I’m going to use these last 37 days to find out.


Oh, sweet Jesus.  Only 29 days left.  Can I start to panic now?

I love that I am a relatively organized person, but not a clean freak.  I hate doing housework, but I love having a neat and tidy home.

I hate that I have the ability to clean up my sister’s disaster of a bedroom in five minutes.  I also hate that I am even willing to do it when she should be doing it herself.

Now that that’s done, my sister decided to have a party tonight.  It started with five guests and somehow turned into about thirty people coming over.  We have beer so I should be able to tolerate it.  Actually if I drink enough I might even have a good time. 😉  If anything good or interesting happens I’ll be sure to update you tomorrow if I’m not too hung over.

Happy humping & party on!

3 thoughts on “29 days until I turn 37

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