Archive | June 3, 2011

30 days until I turn 37

Today marks the 30th day before I turn 37.  As I move closer to 37 my mind wanders.  What are the things that I love and hate the most about myself?  I’m going to use these last 37 days to find out.


I love my hair, specifically the color.  It’s a shiny coppery red.  If you could choose to be born a redhead, then this would be the red to choose.  It’s also thick and has good body to it.  A hairstylist nightmare, but great for me.

I hate my upper arms.  When I was in high school I used to stop by my aunt’s house almost every day on my way home.  She had my dad’s old DP weight bench and weights.  I loved to use the leg lift attachment and the bar that you pull down to work on your arms.  Apparently I overused the arm weights and ever since I’ve had large upper arms.  They are muscular, but I’m a curvy girl and I just don’t like their proportions compared to the rest of my body.  It’s also partly due to heredity.  My mom and aunt have large upper arms also.

We all have body issues of some sort.  I just try not to let mine hinder me from doing things that I want to do.