Dear God…

Dear God,

How’s it going?  Just wanted to say hi and ask for something, of course.  What are prayers for if not for asking for things that we don’t really need?  So here’s my request.  Please help keep me from going ape-shit on these men.  They drive me to the edge of insanity, then pull me back just before I go over, only to turn back around and push me completely over the edge.

I don’t want to turn into an evil man-hating bitch.  Sometimes I fear that I’m so close to becoming that, but I love having sex with men too much to end up like that.  Anything that you could do to help would be much appreciated.

Thanks & Ahhhh-men,

P.S.  I’m getting too old for this dating crap, as you well know, so please send me the right one soon or not at all.

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