Archive | May 29, 2011

35 days until I turn 37

Today marks the 35th day before I turn 37.  As I move closer to 37 my mind wanders.  What are the things that I love and hate the most about myself?  I’m going to use these last 37 days to find out.


I love how close I am to my family.  I know that they will always be there for me.  Hell, they already have been there for me through so much.  I can’t ever thank them enough.

I hate that I don’t like mayonnaise, mustard, and onions.  Whenever I go through a drive through to get a burger I always have to worry about them getting my order right.  Ketchup and cheese only please.  I wish I weren’t such a picky eater.  I once cried because my grandfather went to the Dairy Barn to get us hamburgers for lunch and mine had mustard on it.  I was only five, but it was still traumatic.  LOL