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Love & Sex Q&A #95

Love & Sex95

Thinking of all the ways that your partner differs from you as a person, what one difference do you treasure the most?

He is extroverted.  I’ve always been an introvert except when inebriated.  I don’t know if that will come as a shock to any of you or not, but it’s the unfortunate truth.  Growing up I was the shy kid.  Actually, I wasn’t the shy kid until I turned eleven and started going to the city schools.  Before that I attended private and then county schools.  On every report card until I hit the fifth grade the teacher would write at the bottom “Talks too much.”  It was usually followed by the phrase that got me in trouble with my mom, “Doesn’t pay attention in class.”  I find this funny because it was like a switch was turned off in me when I started attending the city schools.  Never again did my parents get to read those words on my report cards.

That was also about the same time that my father became the Preacher.  So I cannot be sure that it was the change in schools that turned me into an introvert.  It could have been the traumatic experience of becoming a preacher’s kid that did the job.  I guess we’ll never know.

As a sidenote, I think the mixture of my Glade air freshener mixed with the smell of honeysuckle drifting in from outside my window is making me high.  Just thought I’d share that one with you.

Happy humping!

Embers of Love & Lust: Playing with Fire

It had been months since they had seen each other.  He looked the same, just maybe a little more worn down.  Her auburn hair had grown longer since he had left.  She was nervous and not sure that she should have come.  Trust was no longer a word that she associated with him.  Two weeks earlier she would have told you that if she ever saw him again she would probably have to suppress the urge to choke him with her bare hands.

Once she saw him though, it was like everything that had happened just faded away.  There they were face to face again.  As he stood in the bedroom talking to her, she was sitting on the bed listening and trying to stay objective and not let herself fall for his charms again.  She knew that he could not be trusted, yet she still loved him and wanted him.  He told her about what had happened after he left.  Even though it was just as she had thought, it made her sad to hear of his heartbreak and the problems that he had gone through.

He asked her to come give him a hug and a kiss.  As she got up she quickly thought to herself that she would only give him a quick hug and a peck of a kiss.  Nothing too intimate.  Nothing that might stir her desire for him even more.  She did as she planned, but he wasn’t satisfied with so little.  As he smiled at her he said, “Girl, give me a real kiss. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”  She obliged and gave him a real kiss.  It quickly turned into a long passionate one that made her tingle all over.  She knew then that things were not going to go as she had planned.

They moved to the bed and clothes began to hit the floor.  His mouth went from her lips to her breast as they had done so many times before.  She could feel the increasing wetness between her thighs.  His lips moved down to taste her.  He hadn’t gone down on her often, but when he did, it was always worth the wait.  She knew that this was probably just part of his plan to get her back.  He knew how much she loved it.  Finally her mind quieted and the sensations took control over her.  After bringing her to a climax with his tongue he positioned himself on top of her and slowly and gently slid his cock inside her.  It had been a long time and her body had to adjust to the size and even though it was slightly painful at first, once it was inside her, it felt amazing.

With each stroke her body begged for more.   Her nails gently scraped down his back as he glided in and out of her.  Kissing his neck and chest as he hovered above her, she was like a ravenous animal.  She tightly gripped his ass as she came closer to orgasm.  Begging for more, wanting to feel him cum inside her, her body quivered and her pussy tightened around him.  When he felt her tighten he started to cum, feeling every drop being squeezed out of him as they came together.  As she lay in the bed trying to catch her breath she felt as if she were floating on a glorious orgasmic cloud.

Later as they sat in the bar downstairs and talked he told her that he called her because he wanted her.  There were other women that he could have called up just for sex and she knew that.  Her reply was, “If you’re gonna call someone, you might as well call the best.”

She knew that this bliss couldn’t possibly last forever, but for that moment, she was happy again.  She knew it was time to get to living again, with or without him.