Ask me anything – Part 1

I decided to go ahead and start answering some of the questions since they were so good, and if I answered them all at once it would be a very long post.  This has been a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  🙂  To ask me a question, you can go to my original post and fill out the form.  Here’s the first two.

Name: Nelson Rose

Blog Address:

My first girlfriend was a preacher’s daughter.  She was by far the most free-spirited and kinkiest of all.  I’ve noticed there are only extremes when it comes to preacher’s kids though.  They are either dogmatic duplicates of their parents or totally wild and free-spirited.  Why is that?

This was the first response/question that I received and it’s a great one.  This is the stereotype that preacher’s kids have to deal with on an almost daily basis.  We (preacher’s kids) do tend to either go the full-blown religious routes like our parents, or due to the strictness of our upbringings, we take the darker path towards debauchery and disbelief.  I chose the latter.

This is just my opinion, but I think we (PKs) have such black & white views on things because we either bend or break from the pressure of having everyone judging us on a regular basis.  Many people think that preacher’s kids are supposed to be better, nicer, more spiritual and religious because they are surrounded by Godliness all the time.  That’s not true.  We see just as much wickedness, mostly from the people in our own churches.  Hypocrisy is rampant in the church.  I don’t say that lightly either.  It’s the honest to God truth.  I’ve never seen so much hypocrisy as I have in the church.  After years and years of seeing that it can make a person jaded and weary.

Second – when can we get a drunk and screw?  lol

Even though you cheated a little and asked two questions I’ll still answer.  🙂  I’m always up for a good time especially when it involves drunkenness and sex.

Name: singlewhitealcoholicseekssame

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You mentioned once how annoyed you were when Skaterboi kept wanting to cum in your mouth.  Was this just a “not in the mood” thing, or are you opposed to swallowing in general?

It’s not that I don’t want a man to cum in my mouth, I’ve had men cum in my mouth before.  I have even swallowed before, many times.  (Oops, where’s the soap.  My mom would definitely have a stroke if she knew that.)  The problem with Skaterboi is that he ONLY wants to see himself cum.  He never wants to cum inside me, which I happen to prefer.  It all comes down to intimacy.  When I’m having sex with someone I want to know that there is a connection between us.  When he won’t look at me or cum inside me it makes me wonder what the hell he is really thinking about.  When he only wants to cum on me or in my mouth I feel like a rubber blow-up doll, just an object for him to use for his own pleasure.

When I’m having P in V sex and my partner and I both orgasm at the same time, that’s the most wonderful feeling in the world to me.  I can deal with a man cumming in my mouth every now and then, but not ALL of the time.

7 thoughts on “Ask me anything – Part 1

  1. Is it possible that you suffer from Penis Envy?? Just a thought, maybe you would enjoy ejaculating into his mouth a few times, oral.

    • LOL No, I don’t think I suffer from penis envy. I love them, but I don’t think I’d want to have one permanently attached to me.

  2. I totally agree with the hypocrisy thing..Hypocrisy is what led ME away from church and I’m not a preacher’s kid, just raised in church.
    I believe in God and still have some Christian beliefs BUT I feel like I can be just as good of a person without going to “church”.

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