Archive | May 6, 2011

The Adventure Begins Here

I’ve written before about how every day with my family is an adventure.  That’s still true.  I just got back from visiting with my mom, sister, little brother and nephew at my sister’s house.  Yesterday my mom told me that my uncle had called me adventurous.  I chuckled at the thought of that word being used to describe me.  Mom said she thought the same thing and that I’ve always been that way.

When I think of someone being “adventurous” I think about someone climbing Mt. Everest or back-packing through Europe.  Admittedly some of the places I’ve lived in and things I’ve done were not typical for a preacher’s daughter from a small Southern town.  Merriam-Webster defines adventurous as “disposed to seek adventure or to cope with the new and unknown” and “characterized by unknown dangers and risks.”  Yep, that pretty much sums up my life.  I’ve never been too afraid to take chances, move places, and do things that were potentially dangerous.  Either stupidity or a lack of concern for my safety is probably to blame.  I don’t have a death wish or anything, but I do seem to take unnecessary risks entirely too often.

How can I have a fun and exciting life without taking some risks?  I just can’t comprehend playing it safe all the time.  If I hadn’t of taken chances I never would have gone to New York City and lived there for seven years, or met so many of my wonderful friends, or even ended up where I am now, sitting here writing this blog post.  If you had asked me a year ago if I had ever thought about writing on a regular basis, I would have answered no.  It’s not that I don’t like writing.  I love writing and always have.  I had just lost my purpose in life and had given up on the idea that I may actually have something worth sharing with the world.  That’s all changed now and I’m ready for a lifetime of adventures and I can’t wait to share them with you.

My focus has been a little off today even though I’m back at home, Skaterboi hasn’t come in yet, and I’ve had some time alone (Thank You Jesus!).  I’m not as young as I used to be and these three-hour drives are starting to wear me down.  However, my sister asked me about going out with her and HW (Horse Whisperer) next Friday night to a wings & beer party.  She sounded so excited when she told me where we would be going.  They must be desperate for some adults-only time because they’ve already arranged for the kids to stay with babysitters.  Of course I told her I would go because we all know what happened the last time that the three of us went out.  I doubt that we will be able to live up to our last adventure, but you never know!  Too bad I don’t have the old Jesus van anymore.  We could have worn our matching “What happens in the van, stays in the van” t-shirts.  She got us each one after that infamous night.

And just to make it clear, I asked my sister who would be driving because there’s no way in hell that I’m going to be the DD (designated driver) or the drunk driver.  She wasn’t able to give me an answer, so I guess we’ll be sleeping it off in the car.  It should be an interesting night.  I can’t wait. 🙂