The Return of Manwhore

Fuck you ManwhoreFuck you and fuck her too.  I’m all for forgiveness, as I wrote recently, but motherfucker, you’re the biggest asshole I’ve ever met!

Popping back into my life with one little innocent email asking, “What’s up? Just wondering how you’ve been.” How the hell do you think I’ve been? I had just really started getting over your sorry ass and then after three months you decide you need to “touch base” to see how I’m doing? WTF is that about you selfish womanizing fucked up pig?

That’s what I thought when I got his email that day.

That was 18 days ago.

The Urban Dictionary defines “manwhore” as “the male equivalent of a slut.”  For me Manwhore is the male version of myself.  He is full of faults, loves sex and the opposite sex, is always unsure of what he wants, and always makes what he sees as the wrong decisions.

Today’s advice:  Be careful what you pray for, because the answer just might be “yes.”

5 thoughts on “The Return of Manwhore

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