I Want It All

I want everything.  I want a man at home that loves me, who will massage my body when it aches, who will make me laugh and smile, who will turn me on, who will satisfy my sexual desires, who will be kind to me, and who will help me relieve stress, not add to it.  Who will be that man?  Can any one man be that man?

That is not all I want though.  I want to be able to go and do as I please when I please.  I want independence.  I do not want to have to answer to anyone, check in with anyone, or explain myself to anyone.

I want to be myself, to be creative, to help people, and to do great things with my life.  I do not want to look back on my life with regret for not taking chances and not taking advantage of opportunities.

I want to see this fantastic world and all of its people.  I do not want to feel caged in and unable to explore.

I want so many things and I will have them.

I want it all.

3 thoughts on “I Want It All

  1. very interesting you expressed your thoughts and your feelings too we al need space in life and have to find our own way and you have done this and your enjoying it so good luck with life and the blog its very nice to read .from kevin.

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