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Love & Sex Q&A #91


Love & SexIn selecting a life partner, do you think it is more important to follow your heart or your head?  Would you ever let yourself fall in love with someone who wasn’t at all like the image of the person you would hope to find?

Is it even possible to keep yourself from falling in love with someone?  For argument’s sake we’ll say it is possible.  If I could have kept myself from falling in love with certain people (Manwhore, Bobblehead Nerd, Yankee Cowboy, BSL, X1, X2, etc.) I definitely would have.  None of them were the image of the person that I hoped I’d find.

Do I even know what I’m looking for though?  I’m 36 years old and probably should know.  I know what turns me on, but that is such a wide spectrum of looks and people and characteristics that I seriously doubt any one person could ever fit the bill.

On a man I like dark brown, or preferably black, hair.  Loose curly hair, but not long hair.  I like strong muscular arms and legs, but on an average build guy.  I’m not into the bodybuilder types or the super skinny ones either.  I like a tight ass for slapping and grabbing, and nice looking face with boyish good looks.  For me beautiful eyes and eyelashes are what usually draws my attention fastest.  The eye color isn’t that important, but green, blue, or gray eyes really appeal to me.  I like how those colors go with the black hair. Tattoos are good, just not too many.  Piercings are acceptable, although I prefer only the ears and maybe a Price Albert.  Speaking of penises…He needs to be at least seven inches, but no more than eleven.  The girth of the penis should be about four and a half inches.  I like chest hair, but not too much, and no hair on the back!  I want to be able to pull his chest hair when I cum. 🙂

My Top 10 List of Sexy Aliens

I was watching the Babylon 5 series on Netflix last night and it occurred to me that aliens are sexy.  I made some chicken-scratch notes in my handy-dandy little notebook while I was watching.  Here are some of my alien observations.

  • Princess Leia – A human from another planet and the hottest piece of ass (at the time) in the entire galaxy.
  • Lennier (Delenn‘s aid) from Babylon 5 – The perfect E.T.  He is obedient, kind, funny, honorable, and a badass when it comes to fighting.  He’s on the right in the picture below.
  • Pictured on the left is Marcus Cole, another character from B5.  He was human, but from another planet.  He’s still hotter than hell.
  • Spock – Whether from the original Star Trek or the new one, they’re both sexy.  All of that logical thinking and those funky eyebrows just turns me on.  Drool…
  • Calel (aka Superman) – Christopher Reeves and Tom Welling are my favorite incarnations of Continue reading