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In Need

I want lots, and lots, and lots, of beautiful young men with very large presents for me.

That’s all.  🙂

In The Dog House

When I first moved in here everything was going pretty good.  Skaterboi would cook, help with the dishes, clean around the house a little, but then it all stopped.  The only thing he does now is cook when he feels like it and spray off the deck where the puppy from hell has pooped.  I blame it all on the dogs.  After his friend brought over the mother dog and her six puppies for us to keep until they got into their house, two weeks after moving in, everything went to hell.

We still have the mother dog, outside in the yard, and the puppy from hell, outside on the deck.  The only reason the puppy is on the deck is because Skaterboi stopped cleaning up the poop and piss in the room where we were keeping her.  That room also happened to be where my desk and all my other stuff is.  I finally had enough one morning and moved the puppy bed into his bedroom and moved the rest of my stuff into my room/office.  He said he didn’t want the puppy sleeping with him so he put her outside on the deck.  Of course he had to bitch about it for a week or so, continuously mentioning that something might get the puppy because she was still small.  I was willing to take my chances on that one.

Now though, I’m the one in the dog house.  Before I explain why, I’d like to say that on Friday I told Skaterboi that my shifter was acting weird.  It’s a manual and the shifter has been loose, but I could still shift.  He drove it down the road and back and said it was fine.

gear shift

Image by noloran via Flickr

I left Sunday night to go out with friends to a birthday party.  On the way, a pin or something fell out of my gear shift and it wouldn’t shift at all so I had to coast into a church parking lot.  I called Skaterboi to let him know that the car had broken down.  He said he would come and look at it.  When he got there he looked at it and said that it was something to do with the gear shift.  Duh.  Since it was Sunday night and there weren’t any auto repair shops open I decided to just leave it and ask him to Continue reading