Archive | April 19, 2011

Midnight Confessions

Mr. A was a hotshot news producer and reporter in a big city.  Tall, handsome, witty, intelligent, strong and sexy are all words that could honestly be used to describe him.  We had been talking online for several months, but this was our first face-to-face meeting.  It was in a small coffee shop and bookstore.  It was lust at first sight for both of us.  We hit it off instantly, laughing and joking and just taking each other in for the first time.  The chemistry was definitely there, but he was older and wiser than me.  After a couple of hours talking we went back to my apartment.  In less than five minutes after getting inside I attacked him.  My hormones were raging and my libido was through the roof.  Kissing him deeply and passionately I pushed him against the couch almost knocking him down.  He kissed me back and I continued kissing, touching and grinding.  I desperately needed something I believed only he could give me.  We continued making out on the couch and then suddenly he said he had to go.

After Mr. A left I sat confused and not understanding why he didn’t want to go further. We continued to stay in contact even after I moved away to another big city far away.  I always updated him on my latest love affairs and he did the same.  It became a beautiful friendship without judgement and disdain.

A few years later I found myself back in his city.  I had made the conscious choice to fly to see him and forever close the door to ever having a chance at being with BSL.  It was a choice that I’ll never regret.

While visiting Mr. A I stayed at his apartment in the city.  Years of anticipation had been building inside both of us, but this was the time that he considered me ready for more.  It’s all a blur, yet I can still see parts of it in slow motion when I stop and think back on that night.  He was dominant yet caring and gentle.  He didn’t hurt me, although he had the biggest cock I had ever seen.  It was amazing.  I still have to think hard to remember what sex was like before I was with him.  He opened me up and brought the real me to the surface.  There was nothing that I wouldn’t do for him, but he never asked me to do more than he knew I could handle.

I rode him, kissed him, and sucked him.  Towards the end he got on top of me and while fucking me he said that he can’t cum when on top.  That was fine with me.  I just wanted him inside me.  The orgasms I had made me see rainbows, stars, and fireworks all at the same time.  To his surprise though he was able to cum while on top of me.  We continued to enjoy ourselves for the rest of the weekend until I had to go home.

It’s one of the most unusual and wonderful relationships and friendships that I’ve ever had.  It’s been fifteen years and we still keep in touch.  I don’t think I’ll ever find someone who I can be that open and honest with again, not without fear of judgement or persecution.  Time, distance and life may keep us apart, but we’ll always be kindred spirits.