Thank you for being you!

Good bass line, great video, and the beautiful and amazing Freddie Mercury singing Breakthru…what more could a girl ask for on a Sunday night?  Maybe a night of great sex followed by eight hours of peaceful sleep?  Nah, that’s too much to ask for.

Since I’ve been so bored I have noticed that I have some quirks.  Everyone has quirks.  You know, those little things that you do for reasons unclear to anyone other than yourself.  You probably know exactly why you do them, but no one else does.

Some of my quirks:

  • I have this thing where I run the hem of my shirt or pants under my fingernails.  I have tons of t-shirts with hems that are so worn that they’ve actually have come apart.  I’m sure it’s caused by either nerves or boredom, maybe both.
  • I rub my ear lobes and ears along the rim with my pointer and middle fingers.  I prefer it that my ears be cool or cold to the touch when I do this.  This is definitely a thing that I do when I’m nervous or anxious.  I could never play poker.
  • My cigarette case is pink and I always use my pink Bic lighter to light my cigarettes.  I will dig through the drawer just to find the pink one and not use any other lighter.  There is one exception, I have a small purple Bic lighter case with a lighter in it.  The lighter inside is navy blue, but I only see the purple case.  That is my backup lighter.  I’m not sure why I must have the pink case and lighter.  Maybe that one is because I’m a little OCD when it comes to matching accessories, and my cigarette case is and accessory.
  • I always have my cigarettes in a case of some sort.  I use the pink one now and have for four years.  It’s harder than you think to find pink cigarette cases.  Before the pink case I had a black leather one that I used for almost eight years.  I do this because my grandmother always had hers in a case.  I’m not sure if it was to hide the brand she smoked or what, but to me it made her seem classier.  She was already a classy woman, but this was like the cherry on top to me.
  • As I look around my desk and office I see pink everywhere.  This is not because pink is my favorite color.  My favorite color is violet. 🙂  If I could, I’d live a purple palace by the sea.  Maybe when I get my motor home I’ll have it painted purple.  People always give me pink stuff, probably because I love Hello Kitty stuff and most of it has pink in it.  That and I’m kind of girly I guess.  I even have pink cowboy boots and a pink leather belt with a huge silver belt buckle.  That was my one attempt at being a cowgirl.  That’s definitely my sister’s department though.  She’s the real deal.
  • I hate not having my nails painted.  It drives me crazy and I paint them at least once a week.  I also hate when they start chipping.  I immediately have to at least remove the chipping polish.  This is another thing I think I picked up from my classy grandmother.  She always had long beautifully painted nails, and she did them herself.  I remember dozens of bottles of Revlon polish in her bathroom.  I have quite a collection myself.
  • Not having my legs shaved when I want to have sex.  I hate that.  I believe you should always be ready, even when expecting to never have sex again.  You just never know.  It’s like when your mom told you to wear clean underwear just in case you were in an accident.  Listen to your momma! 🙂
  • Making the bed.  Even today, after shitty sex and just wanting to sleep the month away, I still had to get up and make the bed.  My mother was not a stickler for having my bed made so I have no idea how that one started.

4 thoughts on “Thank you for being you!

  1. I don’t have that bed making thing at all. I do have to have it made before I go to bed though so usually it is a mess all day and then I make it up nice in the evening.

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