Love & Sex Q&A #90


Love & SexIf after medical checkups you found you tested negative for exposure to AIDS and your partner tested positive, what would you do?  Assume that the transfusion was probably from a blood transfusion?

Ok, we’re going to change this up a little to make it a more realistic question.  Take out the part about it being from a blood transfusion.  These days it’s much more likely that you could have contracted HIV through unprotected sex.  That being said, and changed, I would assume that my partner had cheated.  Now I know that it can take months or years for people to find out they have HIV, but I’m talking about long-term relationships, not one-month old relationships.  If that were the case then they could have contracted it from someone they were with before me.

After finding out that my partner tested positive and if somehow we got past the cheating part, then I’m not sure what I would do.  Do I take my chances and still have sex, safe sex of course, with my partner?  Do my partner and I just never have sex again?  I don’t think I could live without sex.  It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures and a physical need for me.  Just look at me lately.  I’m a freaking basket case without good sex.  I cut all my hair off for goodness sakes!  I didn’t pull a Brittany and shave it all off, but I did cut about ten inches off.  I came really close, clippers in hand, to just shaving it all off.

I thought last night that I was going to get some good sex, then Skaterboi had to go and ruin it by repeatedly telling me that he wanted to cum in my mouth and then asking if he could.  I kept saying no, over and over again and telling him to just fuck me.  If only deafness were a valid excuse for him, but it’s not and I’m sick of doing everything his way.

Again, I’ve veered from the topic at hand.  These questions are great at getting me to contemplate tough situations, and some situations that I’ve been through already and how they’ve affected me.  I love this little book.

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