Love & Sex Q&A #88


Love & SexWhat is the most planning and energy you have ever put into a romantic event?  Was the planning worth it, or might everything have gone as well without it?

Bobblehead Nerd had been out-of-state all week and I had been patiently waiting and dog sitting.  Finally the day arrived that he would head home.  I had the house clean, dinner cooked, candles lit, beer chilling, bowl ready to be smoked, and me in my finest see-through nightie.  It was perfect.

While I sat in the big comfy leather chair waiting for him to come home I watched American Idol.  Adam Lambert was singing Mad World.  I had goosebumps, not just from Adam’s singing, but also from the excitement and anticipation of my beau’s homecoming and the great sex that we would have later that night.

When he arrived home he immediately kissed and hugged me.  We went into the kitchen and he saw the table nicely set and the bong sitting on it.  He smiled and then immediately started kissing me again.  We barely made it to the bedroom.  Our clothes were left in a trail from the kitchen to the bedroom.  He wasn’t interested in anything other than me.  It was wonderful.

I supposed that even if I hadn’t of gone to all that trouble to make things perfect for his homecoming we still would have ended up in the bedroom.  It made me feel good that I had put effort into making him feel missed and welcomed back, and he knew that I missed him.

2 thoughts on “Love & Sex Q&A #88

  1. sweet.

    Did I not read somewhere that you were giving up men? LOL !!! Maybe just a nasty rumour! Oh well you sure did have fun !

    Love P

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