In Recovery

Just another day in the life of a preacher’s daughter.  Cool breezes blowing, trees swaying, cigarette in one hand and a big glass of sweet iced tea in the other.

I’ve contemplated talking to Skaterboi about our relationship.  How do you start a conversation like that?  Should I just come right out and say, “Listen, I just want to be roommates because the sex has sucked lately.”

Today is going to be a busy one full of errands and homework to do.  Some debauchery must be accomplished also.  It just wouldn’t be right to spend a Friday night at home.

Sidenote: I cut all my hair off last night.  I think I had a mini-breakdown.  I’d explain what happened, but it would take entirely too long and I don’t have that much time today.  Overall I think it turned out nice.  I may have to go by the hair salon today to get the back fixed a little, only because I couldn’t get to it as easily.  So, ten inches of hair gone and I feel ten pounds lighter.  I know men like long hair on women, but I just can’t stand it.  It had gotten to the point where I was wearing it in a pony tail ever day and I hate doing that.  It’s too damn hot and sticky here on the bayou for all that hair.  Last night I realized that I just didn’t even feel like or have the energy to wash and dry all that hair.  So, I cut it off.  Later today I plan on dyeing it black now that it’s short enough to do so.

I’ll be back once I’ve recovered…probably tomorrow.  🙂

Happy TGIF and happy humping!


6 thoughts on “In Recovery

  1. have not known you long Mrs PD but you have always said that you give it to’em straight so why be any different with Skaterboi…Just tell it as it is…Sod OFF!
    I am pleased that you are beginning to sort yourself out, well done, very sensible…how long will it last?
    Cutting you hair was very drastic but if you do not like it shorter it will always grow again. 100% marks for taking the courage to do it.
    Pictures please ….
    love P

  2. Yes…pictures!! I agree with Miss Whiplash on Skaterboi, just tell him…you will feel so much better. Maybe he feels the same as you and just doesn’t want to start conversation either…have a fab weekend…xoxo

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