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Love & Sex Q&A #86


Love & SexIf your partner greatly enjoyed some activity that held no interest for you, would you be more likely to try to become interested in it, encourage your partner to do it without you, discourage the activity, or handle it some other way?  Why?

It depends on what kind of activity we’re talking about here.  If were talking about a sport or hobby then by all means my partner should do what they enjoy.  I would try to take interest in it, but as in the case of my 2nd ex-husband, the Ox, things like playing tabletop Dungeons & Dragons, I had absolutely no interest in it.  I did support his playing though, even though ultimately it was part of the reason we divorced.  He ended up spending more time on his gaming hobby and with his friends than he spent with me, but that’s another story for another post.

If we’re talking about sexual activities such as fetishes and things like that then it would depend.  I’m open to all types of sexual activities and fetishes unless they involve urine, feces, blood or pain.  I’m a people pleaser by nature and tend to at least try to support my partner’s interests, especially if it makes him or her happy.  On the other hand, I need to enjoy it too.  If I’m not enjoying something my heart won’t be in it and it will show.  I’m not that great of an actor.  I’m a bit selfish and still hold firm to my “give and you shall receive” belief system.   If you won’t give me any, I probably Continue reading

“Nothing I Can Do About It Now”

Today I feel that the song “Nothing I Can Do About It Now” written by Beth Nielsen Chapman and recorded by Willie Nelson best describes my life and how I’m feeling about it now.  If you haven’t already figured out, I’m a huge fan of Willie Nelson and his music.  Like many country songs the songs tell stories and I can relate to Willie’s love of being on the road and his passion for loving and having a good time.  I too have a “wild and restless spirit.”

“Nothing I Can Do About It Now”

I’ve got a long list of real good reasons
For all the things I’ve done
I’ve got a picture in the back of my mind
Of what I’ve lost and what I’ve won
I’ve survived every situation
Knowing when to freeze and when to run
And regret is just a memory, written on my brow
And there’s nothing I can do about it now

I’ve got a wild and a restless spirit
I held my price through every deal
I’ve seen the fire of a woman scorned
Turn her heart of gold to steel Continue reading