Archive | April 8, 2011

Back to the Bayou

I’m back from my furlough at the Preacher’s house!  The best part about visiting with my family is when I get to sit down and spend time talking with my mom.  She updated me on their plans to move back to our home state and get my little brother enrolled in kindergarten this fall.  As usual she also updated me on the Preacher’s most recent mood swings.

Tuesday, while I was talking with my mom and helping her fold clothes, I got a text from Skaterboi.  It said, “So should I just forward your mail up there or what?”  Granted, I hadn’t told him when I would be back, but he hadn’t bothered to ask either.  So I told my mom what his text said and she asked, “Why are you such a heart-breaker?”  Am I a heart-breaker?  “I don’t know” was my response to her, but it did make me think.  I’ve written before about why men might find me attractive, but her comment made me delve even deeper into my apparent “curse.”  My mother has called me a heart-breaker and told me on several occasions, usually after hearing of new boyfriends, and that I had better not break their hearts.

Thinking back, I do seem to have left a trail of broken hearts all along the east coast, and a couple further west.  It’s not that I purposely break hearts, it just seems to happen.  Maybe that’s why I seem to have so many pop-up men.  Is it really my fault though that Continue reading