Are you a believer?

It's a ghost!

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I swear that I’m starting to think that the house I’m living in is haunted.  Before I even moved in here I came over one day to help Skaterboi clean it up.  The previous tenants were evicted and left a lot of junk and trash behind.  While I was in the bathroom cleaning out the drawers and cabinet below the sink I found some cheap junk jewelry.  I found a couple of decent rings and what I thought was some sort of amulet for a necklace.  I just set them all on the kitchen counter and sort of forgot about them.  Later that day Skaterboi saw the amulet and asked if I had seen it.  I said I had, but that I wasn’t sure what was in it or how to open it.  He told me that it was someone’s ashes in it.  What?!  I’ve never head of anyone putting a person’s ashes in a tube/amulet thing to wear as a necklace.  I haven’t made up my mind yet on how I feel about that.  I quickly told Skaterboi that he need to bury it or something and he did weeks later.

Not long after moving in the landlord was over having coffee with us and he and Skaterboi were talking about the old man, another tenant, that used to live here.  Evidently he died here too.  Even after learning that I wasn’t shaken or worried.  I’ll admit that I do sort of believe in ghosts, but from a religious standpoint I’m not sure what exactly ghosts are.

About a month after moving in and adopting Biscuit, the puppy, I was in the kitchen sweeping and Biscuit decided that the broom was her toy.  She chased me as I swept and I even played with her a little, making her run in circles chasing the broom.  When I was done sweeping I propped the broom up in a corner in the kitchen where it meets the hallway.  Later as I saw working on my computer at the kitchen table Biscuit was playing with the broom again and knocked it over.  I heard a loud thump and looked at the puppy then just said I’d pick it up later.  So I continued working on my computer.

An hour later when I got up to get some tea I noticed that the broom was standing up in the corner again.  I looked at Biscuit, then at the broom, then back to Biscuit.  I knew that I had not picked the broom up and I was fairly certain that a six-week-old puppy hadn’t stood it back up either.  Who then, pray tell, stood the broom back up in the corner?

The whole time that I’ve been here though I’ve seen shadows.  We have two large windows in the front of the house.  One in the living room which also has a window on the door, and the other in my office/Hello Kitty sanctuary/Willie Nelson shrine.  Many times when I’ve been on the couch at night I’ve seen out of the corner of my eye the shadow of a person passing by the windows.  I’ve also seen it during the day.

Our electronic devices have also come under attack.  My surround sound and receiver system died, my phone acts really crazy here, Skaterboi’s laptop went nuts several times, my monitor power supply cable disappeared and I had to order a new one, and now that I have the monitor hooked up it has these weird lines going across that I can’t seem to fix.  It never did that before.  This is really getting on my nerves, this ghost is more annoying than Justin Bieber.  Speaking of which, my Pandora keeps playing Justin Bieber songs, even on my Willie Nelson channel, which I find completely disturbing.

The last reason why I think that we may have a ghost on our hands has to do with our house being on stilts because it’s in a flood zone.  It’s probably a good twenty feet off the ground.  When someone such as Skaterboi walks up the wooden ramp to the front porch, the entire house shakes.  That alone scares me, but I doubt the house will fall over.  So last night while he and I were in the living room on the couches watching a movie, not moving around, just laying down, the house shook like someone was walking up the ramp.  Scary part:  there was no one outside.  I got up and checked.  Even the puppies were asleep.

I don’t freak out easily, probably because I’ve done enough drugs and seen enough shit that I’m just immune to it at this point.  This whole ghost thing though, has started working my nerves.  I think it’s because of the frequency of the occurrences.  And I’m sure that living in the middle of nowhere swamp/bayou U.S.A. doesn’t help either.

I live near a city which claims to be the most haunted city in America.  I probably sound crazy for believing in all this, but it’s good to think outside the box, right?  Even the Preacher believes in aliens and big foot.  Beam me up daddy!

When I told my mom about my ghostly suspicions she immediately suggested that she and another lady from church come down to pray over the house.  I’m starting to think I might take her up on that offer.

8 thoughts on “Are you a believer?

  1. Sometimes ghosts are the spirits of folks who have unfinished business here.

    Sometimes what people call ghosts are just left over echoes of past events (kind of like if you keep your sofa in the same place for awhile, it’ll leave a dent in the carpet after you move it…)

    Ghosts are not necessarily bad things. Sometimes it’s just like having another roommate. At that point, you can decide whether you need to be scared or not. So far, I’m not reading of any negative behavior, other than your electronics being messed up, and heck, I have friends who can put static on the phone by standing near it.

    If you’re bothered, having your mom and friends pray couldn’t hurt. And smudging might help with the electronics

    Hope that’s a help


  2. The only thing that should be going “bump in the night” in that house is you, babe! Anything is possible, but your imagination probably has the better of you.

  3. Probably so Hook. I’m still getting used to this area, being out in the woods and all. It is a spooky place even without the weird stuff going on in my house though. The big oaks with the hanging moss alone give me the creeps sometimes. LOL

  4. If my husband read this post, he would want to go investigate! Him and some of his friends started a paranormal group in the city where we live, a few years back, and he loves to go investigating all the time. I DO believe in ghosts but I prefer to not investigate myself…

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