I’m sexpoor.

Yes, it’s true.  The only action I’ve seen lately has been from a hand, or two.  Me and my two hands had a threesome.  That’s not something I learned in the jail cell, although the “ladies” did offer up a few tips on oral sex while I was in the joint.  That was definitely an interesting night/day and one that I hope to never repeat again.

I plan on changing my current situation this weekend.  It’s time to be bad and take what I want.  I plan on staying out of jail this time. 😉

3 thoughts on “I’m sexpoor.

  1. My Goodness Mrs , What are you going to do?

    Please don’t do anything that will land you in jail, we shall all miss you on WordPress.

    Love P

  2. Stayong out of jail is a great plan.
    I’m trying not to picture you in a jail cell surrounded by hot female convicts.
    Although, they probably weren’t hot at all, were they?

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