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I’m sexpoor.

Yes, it’s true.  The only action I’ve seen lately has been from a hand, or two.  Me and my two hands had a threesome.  That’s not something I learned in the jail cell, although the “ladies” did offer up a few tips on oral sex while I was in the joint.  That was definitely an interesting night/day and one that I hope to never repeat again.

I plan on changing my current situation this weekend.  It’s time to be bad and take what I want.  I plan on staying out of jail this time. 😉

Love & Sex Q&A #10


Love & SexIf, during the next month, you could have the power to hear your partner’s every thought when you made love, would you want to?  Would it upset you to have your partner hear your thoughts?

Damn I love this little book.  It makes me think.  Ouch.  Now my head hurts.

My answers:

Question 1.  NO.  I don’t want to know what he’s thinking during sex.  The only thing I should be concerned about during sex is whether I’m pleasing him, and whether he’s pleasing me.  I have enough problems understanding men.  If I knew what he was thinking during sex I would probably never want to have sex with a man again.

Question 2.  YES.  God only knows, really, only He knows, the crazy things that go through my head during sex.  Everything from “wow, look at all the pretty colors” to “this really sucks and not in a good way” to my favorite, and the one that usually escapes out my mouth, “FUCK!”  I don’t want him to know when I’m thinking of Clark Kent and Oliver McQueen having a threesome with me in a jail cell, playing sexy twister and giving each other oral pleasures.  That’s something only I should know about.  (I think I just outed myself as a full-on geek freak.)  Ummm, oops.


Love & Sex Q&A #82


Love & SexIf you did something thoughtless, would you rather your lover became loudly angry for a few hours or quietly annoyed for a few days?  When your lover is angry with you and won’t admit it, how do you know and what do you do?

Guilty!  Yes, I’m guilty of being the brooding pouting girlfriend/wife.  I hate confrontations and would rather not talk than argue.  This usually drives my men crazy.  I’m certain that the Ox (2nd husband) would fully attest to this.  It used to drive him crazy when I would just clam up and not argue.  He had anger management issues and when he fought he wanted to really fight, not just yell at me while I sat there like a statue.

He was never abusive to me.  I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about him.  It was just that he was abused by his father and he learned that the way to deal with anger was by being physically destructive and verbally abusive.  Thank God he never hurt me.  The Preacher would have shot the Ox on the spot.

If my man is angry with me and won’t admit it then that’s his prerogative.  I’d rather know he’s angry with me, but different people deal with things in different ways.  If I can tell, even if he hasn’t said anything, I may or may not say something about it.  It would probably depend on the situation and the person.  With the Ox I was usually too afraid of setting him off even more to say anything to him about it.  With my first husband, the Con Artist, I just Continue reading