“You make babies like Aunt Jemima makes biscuits.”

“You make babies like Aunt Jemima makes biscuits.” (Pastor Manning)

Sorry, that line was just too funny not to share.

On to the topic at hand:  Baby-makers.  You know, these women/girls who can’t even afford to feed themselves much less their kids because they’re too busy out playing Lindsay Lohan.  The ones who have kids, but the state has taken them all away, or relatives have kindly taken them in, yet they go out and get knocked-up again.  The ones that ought to have had their tubes tied the minute they hit puberty.  The ones that you see on Jerry Springer or Maury asking “who my baby daddy is?” If you don’t know who your “baby daddy” is then you shouldn’t be allowed to have a baby in the first place.

Special note to all the 14 year-old girls on Tyra saying that they can’t wait to have a baby and that the aren’t worried about taking care of it because their parent(s) will help…stop living in your little fantasy land jail-bait!  Your little Justin Beiber-looking boyfriend isn’t going to help you, your parents aren’t going to help you, and I’m sure as hell not going to help you. Oh, wait, the government will help you out though.  I guess I am helping by paying my damn taxes.  Damn.

So you wanted someone to love you, you got it.  Just wait till it turns fourteen and decides that it hates you and either kills you in your sleep or makes your life a living hell, just like you’re doing to your parents.

These women/girls are of all races, backgrounds, creeds, and socioeconomic levels.  So I’m not saying that they are all this or all that, just that they are all dumb-asses.  Somebody needs to stop the madness!  Please!

I’ve said on here before that I cannot have children due to POF (premature ovarian failure).  Now don’t start thinking that I’m all jealous because I can’t have kids.  I do not want to have kids.  I decided that a LONG time ago.  They are cute, but I know how much of a pain in the ass they are to take care of and how expensive they are.  Then again I’m 36 and old enough and smart enough to know better than to get knocked-up if I can’t even afford to take care of myself.

8 thoughts on ““You make babies like Aunt Jemima makes biscuits.”

  1. Great job on the title is definetly an eye catcher. I have PCOS and it was my dream to have kids, but then discovered that life was more fun without them. Yes, the teens have a lot of the fault in these situations, but I always ask myself where are the parents?

    You hear in the news that they killed a 15yr old at 2am…What is a 15yr old outside of his bed at 2am?!!! When parents start becoming parents instead of friends, maybe just maybe some things will change, including teen pregnancy.

  2. We adults being sensible human beings can bang on as much as we like about teenage single mothers, but it will never stop happening.
    In years gone past it was an embarrassment and something to be ashamed of if you became pregnant out of marriage, but now it seems to be a status symbol, the younger you are the better your rating with your peers.
    However it is the taxpayers who ultimately pay the price for this ‘mistake’. I am sure that some girls really do love their babies, but most are still babies themselves and haven’t been out of diapers for more than a short while.
    Sometimes it is accidental like in the case of rape and this is forgiveable and acceptable but those who deliberately go ahead to get pregnant, should as PD says have their tubes blocked asap.
    A good post and a very good subject

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