To buy or not to buy the underwear for my ex-husband. That is the question/poll.

I wanted to take a quick poll because I need some advice.  My ex-husband’s birthday is coming up.  He and I are still friends and get along quite well.  We usually text on a semi-weekly basis.  Just to keep up with how each other is doing.  I wanted to get him something for his birthday and found something that I know he’d love.  He’s a huge comic book, Batman and Star Wars fan.  I found a pair of underwear on a website that has a Batman logo and one pair that has Darth Vader on them.  I wanted to get them for him, but he has a girlfriend that he lives with and I don’t know if it would be “inappropriate” or weird for me to buy him underwear, even if it is because he’ll love the designs.  I think I’m more concerned about what his girlfriend will think of it and not what he will think of it.  So here’s my poll.

Quick poll:

7 thoughts on “To buy or not to buy the underwear for my ex-husband. That is the question/poll.

  1. just to clarify – it wouldn’t be weird if it wasn’t for the gf – i’d follow your gut that it’s not right – maybe you could find something else comic themed – seriously there is a ton of comic themed stuff all over the place at the moment. I would hate if my hubby’s ex-wife bought him underwear, it just feels like that’s my job!

  2. I said no , that it was ok to buy ex-hubby underwear. But if you are worried about his girlfriend, why don’t you ask her opinion? That is if you speak with her! After all its only a present, not a lifetime commitment

  3. i think i might be a little miffed if my man got underwear from a former spouse….just sayin’ wish i was more mature, but…..nope 🙂 the underwear sounds cool though. i’d like some darth vader undperpants myself.

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  5. Why do I get the feeling that I’m being set up here? LOL So I either buy the underwear and piss off his girlfriend or I wimp out don’t buy them. Maybe I’ll just buy the Darth Vader ones for myself and send him a picture of me wearing them. That would really piss the gf off. LOL

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