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To buy or not to buy the underwear for my ex-husband. That is the question/poll.

I wanted to take a quick poll because I need some advice.  My ex-husband’s birthday is coming up.  He and I are still friends and get along quite well.  We usually text on a semi-weekly basis.  Just to keep up with how each other is doing.  I wanted to get him something for his birthday and found something that I know he’d love.  He’s a huge comic book, Batman and Star Wars fan.  I found a pair of underwear on a website that has a Batman logo and one pair that has Darth Vader on them.  I wanted to get them for him, but he has a girlfriend that he lives with and I don’t know if it would be “inappropriate” or weird for me to buy him underwear, even if it is because he’ll love the designs.  I think I’m more concerned about what his girlfriend will think of it and not what he will think of it.  So here’s my poll.

Quick poll:

“You make babies like Aunt Jemima makes biscuits.”

“You make babies like Aunt Jemima makes biscuits.” (Pastor Manning)

Sorry, that line was just too funny not to share.

On to the topic at hand:  Baby-makers.  You know, these women/girls who can’t even afford to feed themselves much less their kids because they’re too busy out playing Lindsay Lohan.  The ones who have kids, but the state has taken them all away, or relatives have kindly taken them in, yet they go out and get knocked-up again.  The ones that ought to have had their tubes tied the minute they hit puberty.  The ones that you see on Jerry Springer or Maury asking “who my baby daddy is?” If you don’t know who your “baby daddy” is then you shouldn’t be allowed to have a baby in the first place.

Special note to all the 14 year-old girls on Tyra saying that they can’t wait to have a baby and that the aren’t worried about taking care of it because their parent(s) will help…stop living in your little fantasy land jail-bait!  Your little Justin Beiber-looking boyfriend isn’t going to help you, your parents aren’t going to help you, and I’m sure as hell not going to help you. Oh, wait, the government Continue reading