You’re a nut! You’re crazy in the coconut!

I just got back from my follow-up appointment with my knee doctor.  He’s awesome.  He’s an old school Louisiana straight-shootin’ charming doctor.  Although every time he sees me I’m basically a gooey mess of emotions, he is always kind and is good at calming my nerves and fears.

Today was worse than usual.  I have been especially down in the dumps lately and stressed out for many reasons.  I wanted to just tell him that I was ready to go check into the psych ward, but I held it in.  The Doc changed some of my medications in hopes that it would help.  So I start yet another journey down the path of pharmaceuticals.

After my appointment I had to go get my new meds and make a stop by my favorite little Bodega while I was in town.  About an hour after I got home and had taken one of my new wonder-pills I saw Skaterboi drive up.  I had started cooking some ribs in the crock pot and was in the kitchen when he came in.  He immediately heads to the crock pot to see what abomination I’ve created this time.  His nose quickly scrunched up like he had just caught wind of a fart and I told him that I had used Italian salad dressing as a marinade.  Evidently it’s not to his level of culinary perfection, but you know what?  He’s gonna eat it anyway!  Well, unless he fixes his own dinner.

The point I’m getting to here is that while he was gagging over my cooking, I was telling him that the doctor gave me some new medicines and one is for anxiety and stress relief, but Doc mainly gave it to me to help with the insomnia.  Here’s how the conversation then went down:

Skaterboi:  (After letting out a loud laugh.)  “What the hell do you have to be stressed about?!”

Me:  (Wow.  I had no idea he was so completely clueless.  I was too shocked to say anything.)

Skaterboi:  “See!  You can’t even think of anything that you have to be stressed about.”

Me:  “Actually, those two damn puppies stress me the fuck out all the time.”

Skaterboi:  “How?  You’re always in your room.”

Me:  “Because I’m hiding from them!”  (I wanted to add that I was hiding from him too because I relish my peace and quiet sometimes, but I didn’t.)

Skaterboi:  “Next time you go to the doctor you should ask him to give me something for dealing with your stress.”

Me:  (WTF!)

Unsympathetic men piss me off.  Can he really be so clueless about the things going on in my life?  I’ve told him a lot of things, even about my family, that stress me out and that worry me, but I guess he wasn’t listening.  Typical male.

All this makes me wonder if this might be the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.  Maybe my sister was right.  Oh, Lord.  I’ve crossed the line into “I just don’t give a fuck” territory.  It’s time for the padded room.

“You got an organ goin’ there no wonder the sound has so much body.”

5 thoughts on “You’re a nut! You’re crazy in the coconut!

  1. Sounds as though you should take your sister’s advice.
    Think seriously about it, you would be a lot better by yourself.

    Sending hugs to make you better :-))))))((((()))))

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