Archive | March 23, 2011

Love & Sex Q&A #81


Love & SexHow do you react when someone “gives you the eye” in a public place?  In what situations do you flirt, and why do you do it?

Yesterday’s question was better.  I like Merriam-Webster’s definition of flirting.  “To behave amorously without serious intent.”  Amen to that!  Everyone flirts, some on purpose, some unintentionally, and some badly.  Flirting can be fun, playful, erotic and entertaining.  You can flirt with your words, your body language, your eyes, etc.

If someone were to “give me the eye” in a public place and the feeling was mutual I would respond in some subtle way.  I couldn’t just ignore it.

The only time I would flirt back when I’m with my significant other is if I were trying to make him/her jealous.  Just wake them up a bit and make it known that you’re still hot shit and they had better walk the line. 😉

You’re a nut! You’re crazy in the coconut!

I just got back from my follow-up appointment with my knee doctor.  He’s awesome.  He’s an old school Louisiana straight-shootin’ charming doctor.  Although every time he sees me I’m basically a gooey mess of emotions, he is always kind and is good at calming my nerves and fears.

Today was worse than usual.  I have been especially down in the dumps lately and stressed out for many reasons.  I wanted to just tell him that I was ready to go check into the psych ward, but I held it in.  The Doc changed some of my medications in hopes that it would help.  So I start yet another journey down the path of pharmaceuticals.

After my appointment I had to go get my new meds and make a stop by my favorite little Bodega while I was in town.  About an hour after I got home and had taken one of my new wonder-pills I saw Skaterboi drive up.  I had started cooking some ribs in the crock pot and was in the kitchen when he came in.  He immediately heads to the crock pot to see Continue reading