Love & Sex Q&A #80


Love & SexIf you had to spend one month each year separated from your spouse and kids, what sorts of things might you do during the period?  Do you think your relationship would be strengthened or weakened by recurring separations of this sort?

Great question.  Seeing as how I have no children or spouse, just Skaterboi and the puppies, which I don’t really care for, so I wouldn’t have any problems with going off for a month and having some alone time.  Actually, it sounds very appealing, especially if I could go to a different destination every time.  Wow, I should make that a goal.  Just go off to a different place every time and just do nothing.  Well, maybe not nothing.  I’d get bored doing nothing.  The hard part would be staying out of trouble.  I’d like to do a lot of writing, reading, exploring, relaxing, and trying new things.

As far as my relationship being strengthened or weakened, I believe it would strengthen it.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?  Or is it abstinence?  Either way, I don’t think either would hurt it.  I believe that month-long periods of “me time” would only help me to become a better more appreciative partner.  I also believe it would do the same for my other half.  If you’re not happy, how can you make someone else happy?

Side-note:  I’ve been sitting here watching three episodes of GLEE and they’ve all been about sex.  NOT helping.  I haven’t had an orgasm in weeks and the last thing I need is to see Puck’s hot ass singing and jirating all over the place.  Damn you

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