Archive | March 20, 2011

Love & Sex Q&A #79

Warning: Contains Profane Language.


Love & SexWhat words do you use for different sex acts and sexual parts of the body, and in what situations might you use them?  For example, what different nuances do “make love,” “sleep together,” “spend the night with someone,” and “have sex” have for you?

As George Carlin said, “Words are all we have really.”  Sex, love and dirty words make a powerful combination.  It is possible to have one without the others, but sex without dirty words is just boring.  I hate silent sex.  Using so-called dirty words just “cum” with the territory when it comes to my reaching orgasm.

I prefer the f-word during sex.  Not because it’s my favorite dirty word, it’s just sort of an involuntary thing.  I can’t help but say, whisper, or scream it during sex.  I don’t think I’ve ever told a guy that I wanted him to “make love” to me or that I wanted us to “sleep together.”  “Fuck me.”  That’s all you need to say to a man.  He’ll understand.

The only time I would actually use the correct terminology for body parts is if I were writing something serious or talking to my family.  Otherwise using the “dirty words” just feels more natural.  Cock, pussy, dick, tits, ass, fuck and suck.  Those are the ones that I like to use the most.   I can’t imagine telling a man that I want him to put his penis in my vagina.  Just fuck me!