Love & Sex Q&A #76

I found this little book while searching through the many boxes in my closet.  I don’t know when or where I got it, but I actually took a minute to look through it today and I fell in love with Love & Sex by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.  Such a small unassuming book should easily keep my attention.  It consists of 235 questions.  I’ve decided that starting today I will begin giving my answers to the questions in the book.  Since today is the 76th day of the year I’m going to start with question 76.  My logical/strange/OCD riddled mind just works better that way.


Do you think your friends believe your sex life is better or worse than it actually is?

Well, on one hand, my friends in the WordPress world know quite well that my sex life right now is lacking to say the least.  If you’ve read from the beginning you’ll also know that it wasn’t always that way, nor is that how I like it to be.  I’m a sex addict that loves men and sex and everything that gets us to the point of orgasm and beyond.

On the other hand, my real world friends probably think that I wouldn’t even be in a relationship with a guy unless the sex was at the very least good and often.  Some friends I am close enough with to be open and honest about such things, but not many.  I count my sister among these friends.  She is probably the only woman I know that I feel that comfortable with.  I could tell her almost anything.

4 thoughts on “Love & Sex Q&A #76

  1. Well done Mrs..with 235 questions to answer you will never be short of something to write about, not that you ever are!

    Maybe that is what I should have , then I could reminisce about what used to be but is no longer…those were the days!

    • I’m starting to wonder if I may be saying the same thing soon…oh, those were the good ol’ days. 😉

    • I added a special Love & Sex Q&A tab at the top so that it will be easy to keep up with my posts on that subject. 🙂 It will update automatically every time I add a new post in that category. (I’ve had too much free time lately and have been playing around with WordPress a lot. LOL)

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