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Grab a sentence from the nearest…

I don’t usually go along with the topic suggestions on The Daily Post at, but I’ll make an exception in this case.  This one just looked like too much fun to pass up.

Grab a sentence from the nearest….

Topic #73:

Grab the nearest book (or website) to you right now. Jump to paragraph 3, second Sentence. Write it in a post.

Bonus: Make up a sentence to follow the first one, but make it go in an entirely different direction that the actual book or website does.

One pill lasts for two years and has just one side effect:  it causes a bad headache every other week. Is having absolute mental control of one’s erections really that important and is it really that necessary?

My Party Starter

Memory #…shit, I forgot what number I was on.  Anyway, here’s another memory for March.

When I was living in Atlanta during my prime party-girl years this was my party-starter song.  Every night before hitting the clubs I would put on this song while my best friend from high school/gay roommate would pick out my outfit for the evening.  He didn’t trust my sense of style and since he was a hair stylist and going to be seen in public with me I couldn’t go out looking like a hot mess.  So while we sipped on our white zinfandel and primped, we would jam out to this song.

Happy Hump Day!

Bad Sex Sucks

I think I should have stuck to my original plan of abstaining from sex.  Of course I had to go and screw it all up by moving in with Skaterboi and now sex is expected, even if it’s not even good sex.  Lately, well after the first week that I moved in, the sex has been below average.  This is only one of the reasons that I don’t like living with a significant other.  Everything can be fine and dandy and hot and heavy while dating, but once you move in together, it’s like someone flips the switch and it’s all downhill from there.

Besides feeling an obligation to be monogamous and feeling like I’ve lost my freedom, I begin to feel trapped.  I should back up a bit and explain Skaterboi.  This is a man who for some unknown reason does not believe in marriage and refuses to ever get married.  That is fine with me because I have been married twice and am not looking to get married a third time now.  He is also a man who I met online, though not through a dating website.  Our meeting came from my epic fail at posting on Craig’s List the Friday night before Halloween.

His was one of the first responses that I received.  I didn’t respond to him until the next day though.  We continued to talk via email and finally met on November 19th after Manwhore left to go see his woman up north.  After all of that mess, we continued to see each other and moved in together the middle of last month.  Skaterboi is a really nice guy and I do care for him, but I’ve always had reservations about him because Continue reading