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I say it like it T.I.IS.

Short and sweet.  Yep, that’s me, oh and this post too.

Memory #2 – Things Kids Say

When I was younger, about 12, the Preacher did a lot of guest preaching at little churches around where we lived.  This one time in particular we were at a tiny church way out in the country.  It has a population of less than a thousand.  That’s how small the town is.

A church much like the one we went to that day.

The Preacher, my mom, my sister and myself all went on one of these evangelism outings one day.  We loaded up into the car and drove forty-five minutes to get to the tiny country church.

The service was good.  There was some very enthusiastic music, the Preacher was introduced and then he gave his fiery charismatic sermon and followed it up with the usual call for anyone that wasn’t saved or was just in need to come down for prayer.  After it was all over and we had said our goodbyes we got back in the car and headed home.

Now as I mentioned before about the Preacher and myself being observers of people, I noticed something and decided to tell him.  As he drove us home he asked what we though about the service.  I spoke up and said, “Daddy, we looked like the middle of a Oreo cookie in that place.”

Maybe I forgot to mention that this tiny country church was a black church.  In the Preacher’s younger years he was the stereotypical racist good old boy, but once he got saved and started preaching he saw the error of his ways and never thought that way again, and I was never taught to be racist and in fact my best friend in school at the time was a black girl.  So, when I made that little comment he and my mom both burst into laughter.  They knew that I didn’t mean it in a bad way, it was just the innocent observation of a twelve-year-old Southern girl with an odd sense of humor.

Out of the mouths of babes