“Act like you feel it. That’s what the whore’s do.”

What better way to close out February, the month of Love (controlling urge to gag), than with a great quote from one of my favorite comediennes  LaWanda Page.  Most of you probably know her better as “Aunt Esther” from the 1970’s television show Sanford & Son.

“Act like you feel it. That’s what the whore’s do” is advice that probably many women already follow which I find to be a damn shame.  No woman should ever have to compromise her own pleasure and enjoyment.  However, I can completely understand why some women fake orgasms and pretend to enjoy sex in general.  Some men just don’t have a clue about how to please a woman and some just don’t care.  In both cases the answer is communication.  If you aren’t willing to talk to your partner about what each of you like and what it takes to get you both off, then shame on you.

By the way, today is “No Brainer Day” and that’s why I’m writing this post.  This one is definitely a “no brainer.”

Have a great No Brainer Day!

Warning: Not safe for work.  Good thing it’s Sunday and you’re not at work (hopefully).

2 thoughts on ““Act like you feel it. That’s what the whore’s do.”

  1. At my age sex is just a faded memory. It was great while it lasted but now i just remember…. its not that I am too old or lost interest, my husband has and I just can’t be bothered to try to awaken his interest. I know it would only last 5 minutes.

    No I will just remember the past

    have a great day

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