Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I know I am. I usually dread this day, but for the first time in at least four years I was actually looking forward to it. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I’m with a man that I adore and seems to actually understand me. And for the parts of me that he doesn’t understand, he finds amusing, which is a good thing. Of course there are no delusions of grand love here. I’m taking it a day at a time. I’m trying not to completely lose my sensibilities although I have moved in with him and everything seems to be going good so far. The town we’ve moved to is a small town in the middle of the woods. It doesn’t even have a post office, which I find mind-boggling. Over all it’s a great little town with lots of friendly people. It’s one of those towns where everyone knows everyone, always says hello and they all hang out at the same little bar on the bayou. I can’t wait for summer to get here because it will be beautiful, even if it will be stiflingly hot and humid. I’m used to the heat and humidity though. I grew up in the hot South and I certainly don’t miss those long snowy winters in New York City at all.

So to all of you suffering through the cold and snow, you have my condolences. Since it is 68 degrees and sunny here today I’ll have a glass of wine on the deck and say a prayer for you. I hope you have someone warm to cuddle up to tonight, and if you don’t, just enjoy the peace and quiet or watch Fight Club or something. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Its good to know that your love life is more settled. Just take thing easy.
    Where you live sound wonderful, I do hope that it will ast for you

    I know Feb14 was a week ago but I hope that all your days will be Valentines Day

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