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A few days without sex and I’m reminiscing already.

A few days without sex and I’m reminiscing already.  Sunday marked the second anniversary of my meeting Bobblehead Nerd.  I wrote about him long ago when I started this blog, but our relationship was already nearing the end so there weren’t many posts about him.  On my drive up to the Preacher’s house Saturday I started thinking about him and Manwhore and how they both changed me and the course of my life in many ways.

I have been without a car stereo for the last two years and have plenty of time to over-think things and enter into deep contemplation during my long drives up to my parent’s house.  Thankfully I will be getting a new stereo installed this week.  So on what was probably one of my last long drives with just my thoughts to entertain me I began thinking back over the past two years since I met Bobblehead Nerd and then Manwhore.  These two men who I adored from the day that I met them turned out to be such disappointments to me.  Here are summaries of each of them and our relationships.

Bobblehead Nerd

I met Bobblehead Nerd on an online dating site.  I was living close to my parents at the time and drove down to meet him on a Friday evening.  We hit it off immediately and I ended up staying the weekend.  Red flag #1: he told me he loved me within the first 36 hours of meeting in person.  Red flag #2: he drank a lot and smoked pot with his 16 year old son.  Red flag #3: he talked incessantly about himself.  All of these red flags should have sent me running, but the sex was amazing.  He is an average looking computer nerd with an oddly large head (hence the bobblehead reference), an average size cock & very large balls.  So in this case it was purely his insatiable sexual appetite and excellent skills and love of foreplay that kept my interest.  He also had a foot fetish that I found quite amusing.

A few weeks after we started seeing each other he asked me to move in with him and his two sons and I accepted.  Our entire relationship was rocky.  He and I split up on at least four occasions.  The first was about five months into the relationship and it was a huge blowout.  He had been drinking as usual and I unknowingly said just the wrong thing to set him off.  That ended with me packing my things and driving up to the Preacher’s house and staying there for the next two weeks until he apologized and talked me into coming back.  I was about to lose my mind at my parents house because my sister was pregnant at the time and being a complete bitch toward me so I accepted his apology and went back to Bobblehead Nerd’s house.  Our next split was a couple of months later but only resulted in my moving out and finding my own place.  That time the fight was once again about him getting drunk and guilting me into having sex with him.

In December of 2009 Bobblehead Nerd proposed to me.  He gave me a beautiful, although not very expensive, ring and I accepted.  I think at that point I was feeling the holiday spirit and the idea of finally having a relationship with an upper-middle class man with a good job, two sons, a dog and a nice house took over.  I loved the idea of a ready-made family because I cannot have children and it seemed like it might be my only chance at having anything that remotely resembled a real family of my own.  It seemed like a dream come true.  Wrong.  About a week later he began to complain about financial problems and he asked if he could return the ring.  I begrudgingly agreed and gave it back to him.  A couple of weeks later he gave me the ring back.  He had returned it but felt guilty about taking it back so he went back to the store and bought it again and even had it sized correctly this time.  Then, a few days after Christmas we got into another argument and I threw the ring on the bed and told him what he could do with it and I went home.

Our relationship continued in a on-again off-again fashion for several more months until it finally ended completely in July 2010.


I won’t even bother listing all the red flags that popped up in this relationship.  There’s too many to list and I probably have most of them in earlier posts anyway.

In January 2010, the month after I threw the ring back at Bobblehead Nerd, I was trolling some dating website and got a message from Manwhore.  Our relationship started out fast and full of passion but quickly dwindled down into the typical “Will you move in with me?” entirely too soon.  I pushed him away a little and tried to keep it casual.  We continued seeing each other for about two more months and then I just told him that I was too busy for a serious relationship.  We kept in loose contact until June when he moved and then invited me to come visit him.  I had a great time with him and realized that we really did get along great and maybe I should give him another shot.  I found myself staying over at his place more and more.

Unfortunately this didn’t last.  I found out in October that he had been seeing another woman up north (Really?, Really? Yes, really.) and had been lying to me about where he was going.  As good of a friend as he was at times, nothing could make up for him lying to me.  I’d rather be told the truth, as hurtful as it may be, than to be lied to and hurt worse.  Now he’s gone.