Archive | January 23, 2011

Straight Talk with the Preacher’s Daughter

Lately I’ve been told a few times that my blog is very much “straight talk” from a poor preacher’s daughter’s perspective.  This reminded me of the great Dolly Parton and her movie from 1992 called Straight Talk.  The movie came out the year that I graduated high school and I remember going to see it and how much I enjoyed it.  Dolly Parton, although not a preacher’s daughter, has always been one of my idols.  She’s brassy, funny, sexy, talented, a Christian and a true Southern lady.  Since her birthday was this past week it also makes it a very appropriate time to post this and to wish her a very happy birthday!

Like Dolly, I aspire to help and entertain people and be able to speak my mind and the truth while doing it.  We’re also both musicians. 😉  Yes, I’m a musician too.  See, I really am the creative type.  I have been a musician since I was twelve.  I started out playing the trombone, then added bass guitar, trumpet, piano, organ, clarinet, french horn, and bass trombone.  These days I just stick to the bass guitar and play mainly at church when I’m there visiting my parents.  My mom is the worship leader and plays the piano and sings.  Thank God I inherited her musical talents and not the Preacher’s tone-deafness.

So on that note, Happy Belated Birthday Dolly!  Live long and continue to give us country girls someone to look up to (or down – she’s only 5′ – I’ve got 2″ on her). 🙂  God bless you girl!

P.S.  Support the arts in your local schools!