Annoying Pop-Ups: When men just won’t stay away.

Why will some men just not go away and stay gone?  Over the years I’ve had relationships that have ended and then years later these men show back up and want to be all friendly or even date again.  If this had only happened once or twice, then I wouldn’t even ask this question.  However, this has happened no less than a dozen times.  It always seems to come in waves too.  Once one pops back up here come one or two more.  It’s happening again I’m afraid.  I’m seriously starting to consider changing the email address and messenger id that I’ve had for nearly fifteen years.

A couple of months ago one of my ex-boyfriends popped up and wanted to chat online.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet this is usually how they end up contacting me although I have also had a few actually call me.  So once he started messaging me online, then here comes another one.  Same thing, pops up wanting to chat online.  The first one I haven’t seen in eight years and the second I haven’t seen in six years.  Guess what?  Today one finds me on Facebook and sends me a message.  This one I haven’t seen or talked to in fourteen years.  I almost didn’t even realize who he was until I looked at his picture and remembered what an arrogant ass he was back then.

I just don’t understand it.  Admittedly there are many things about men that I don’t understand.  There are just some people that we try to get out of our lives for a reason, and it’s unfortunate that they can’t get the hint and just stay away.

I also found out some sad, strange, kind of scary news yesterday.  I found out that Manwhore has moved up north to be with “the love of his life” because for some strange reason she decided to forgive his whoreness and take him back.  Even going so far as to let him move in with her and her young daughter.  The reason I find this so strange is because she made it clear to me, after finding out about me, that he was a “piece of shit” and she wasn’t going to let him anywhere near her or her daughter again.

Personally, I believe that since he fucked her over, now she’s going to fuck him over.  She will probably take him for everything he has and then dump his sorry ass and send him back to his momma’s house broke and heartbroken.  I have to say, if this is what she’s doing, she’s definitely got chutzpah.  My first mother-in-law used to tell me that I had chutzpah, but this girl, she’s got balls of steel if she’s willing to put up with Manwhore just to bleed him dry financially and then break his heart.  He’d better not pull a “comeback” and try to contact me when he gets back in town.  I’m just not in the mood to deal with any bullshit anymore.

Sometimes being right isn’t always a good thing.  Just remember boys, I’ll pray for you.

12 thoughts on “Annoying Pop-Ups: When men just won’t stay away.

  1. I’m sensing a great innovative product some entrepreneur could work on. “Real Life Pop-up Blocker” Maybe with some type of privacy settings so each person would not have the same level if they didn’t want. 8)

    Great post. Good luck on the Post a Week goal for the year.

      • I say just ignore and move on.The best pop up blocker there is. Also forward your email and answer only the ones you want. As far as facebook make it to ppl you know only haha

      • You’re probably right Joe. The best way to keep them out of my life would be to just ignore them. Unfortunately I seem to have a problem telling people no and I also hate to be rude to people. If someone wants to say hello to me even after years of not speaking, it’s difficult for me to just ignore them and not at least say hello back. Although I’m beginning to learn that sometimes that’s what it takes to keep the undesirables out of my life.

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