Why do men find me attractive?

Skaterboi said something to me last night that got me to thinking. Skaterboi said, “Why do I find you so damn sexy? Why do you make me so horny?” Well Skaterboi, I’m really not sure that I can answer that. Why is it that some men find me so attractive?

I don’t consider myself to be hot or even beautiful. I sort of think I’m pretty.  I know I’m not ugly, but since I was a kid I’ve felt like the geeky average looking white girl. I’m short, curvy, a redhead and I wear glasses; not exactly what most guys consider to be their ideal woman physically. However, there are many men who like short, curvy, redheads that wear glasses. Beauty must truly come from within because otherwise I wouldn’t get laid nearly as often.

This will probably come across as me being conceited, but I think I am a wonderfully unique person. I’m fairly intelligent, witty and funny at times, courteous, kind, considerate of others, and lots of other good stuff. After all, I am the Preacher’s daughter. I was taught how to act like a lady and to treat others with kindness and respect. Listening is one of my strengths and I believe that’s another thing that attracts men to me. Men like women that will listen to them, pay attention to them and be able to converse with them when they are ready for a breather. I’m naturally a quiet and shy person and it usually takes time for me to open up and let people see the real me. That’s probably why I enjoy writing so much. It’s my way of venting all of my feelings and opinions, even if no one ever reads it. It also helps me to focus and to put things into perspective.

So why do men find me attractive? Is it my personality? Did I just inherit the Preacher’s gift of quiet charisma? I wish I knew.

Why do you feel that the opposite sex is attracted to you?

10 thoughts on “Why do men find me attractive?

  1. Sex appeal is almost impossible to define. I could tell you what my “ideal” woman would like like, what I imagine her to be at least, but I almost never wind up with that. Doesn’t mean those other women weren’t beautiful(well, some of them at least!). Some people just exude “something” that draws certain people to them.

    • Unfortunately whatever I’m “exuding” is not drawing in the right types of men. LOL

      You’re right though, it’s really difficult to define sex appeal.

      • I hear ya. I have a problem that I find the “bithcy” look attractive. I’m not into women who are bitchy, mind you, but there’s something about the lack of a smile (maybe it’s sultry? mysterious? intense?) that I find undeniably sexy. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that most of the time if a girl is scowling at you she’s probably not interested in you!

  2. If only they were, harhar. I dont feel very attractive at all, thanks. I did get a random compliment from a stranger once and it made my day! I still smile when I think about it and it happend like 5 years ago.

    • I think we all feel unattractive at times. I know I do. Remembering random compliments from strangers is a great strategy for boosting your confidence and putting a smile on your face. I think a smiling person always looks more attractive.

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