Archive | January 7, 2011

Manwhore has left the building.

Well, I got a text today from Manwhore saying that he has moved, changed jobs, and no longer needs his website and he asked me to shut it down. The website was the only reason that we had continued to stay in sporadic contact since the week of Thanksgiving. Of course he also refused to tell me where he had moved to because he was trying to create a “new start” for himself. This probably means that he’s moved in with either the woman that he’s been seeing since Thanksgiving or some other unfortunate soul and is now planning on getting married for yet a 7th time. (His 6th divorce was supposed to be finalized this month. Perfect timing, eh?) Good luck on that one. Lucky number seven probably won’t be as lucky as he thinks. It’ll just be one more disastrous marriage that ends in divorce and yet another woman getting her heart broken by Manwhore.

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