Tadaa! Thank God this year is almost over!

I know the title sounds like this is going to be another negative rant, but really it’s not.  Although I have been through a lot this year, for example:

  • broke off engagement
  • broke up with my off/on-again boyfriend of a year
  • broke my leg
  • had knee surgery
  • still not able to go back to work
  • got a DWI
  • had to call Daddy/the Preacher & tell him that I was in the county jail
  • spent 20 hours in the county jail
  • lost my drivers license for 90 days
  • had to pay an insane amount of money due to the DWI
  • discovered that Craig’s List is not the place to look for a date for Halloween
  • was duped by a man-whore
  • spent Thanksgiving with my ex-husband and his girlfriend
  • had to spend a week and a half with my family for Christmas

Ok, so the last one wasn’t so bad, but still, it put me at my wits end nonetheless.

Now for the “glass is half-full” part.

  • another year of school is completed
  • started this glorious blog
  • created a fledgling website design business
  • actually dressed up and had a good time on Halloween
  • met a really nice guy that doesn’t mind that I’m a crazy blogging geek
  • spent Christmas with my family
  • learned that life doesn’t end after getting a DWI and spending 20 hours in the county jail and losing my drivers license for 90 days
  • discovered Cee-Lo Green, love that guy’s music
  • decided to dye my hair black for the first time ever (I’m tired of being a natural redhead)
  • decided to change my college major to something I’ll actually enjoy doing
  • discovered that I really do like a lot of rap and R&B
  • about to get my drivers license back tomorrow (YAY!)
  • got back in touch with old friends
  • discovered Glozell Green who always makes me laugh when I need cheering up (I wonder if she’s related to Cee-Lo…lol)
  • learned that even two drinks are too many when it comes to drinking & driving
  • discovered that I really can overcome anything
  • learned to never give up hope
  • realized that the Preacher is human too (wasn’t really sure if this was a positive or negative, but decided on positive)
  • met and had my picture taken with Hello Kitty…a dream come true!
  • did some soul-searching and figured out what really turns me on
  • discovered how very important it is to be honest with someone

So see, this really wasn’t an all negative post after all.  I have a strange feeling that 2011 is going to be a very good year.  Hell, it can’t be any worse than 2010 was, but I’m hoping for bigger & better things in the coming year.  🙂

God bless you all & a belated Merry Christmas to you & Happy New Year!

P.S. Don’t Drink & Drive! 😉

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